1 Introduction

1.1 These general promotion terms and conditions ("General Promotion Terms") govern the various promotions offered by us to you from time to time ("Promotions") via or in association with the Website. These General Promotion Terms apply to you – and are binding on you – when you participate in Promotions.

1.2 Promotions will also have specific terms and conditions applicable to them, and we will make those clear to you within the relevant Promotions. Any Promotion-specific terms shall form part of these General Promotion Terms once accepted by you.

2 Other Important Terms

2.1 These General Promotion Terms should be read in conjunction with our Terms, our Privacy Policy and our Sports Betting Rules ("Other Terms"). You should therefore ensure that you have read and understood the Other Terms and these Promotion Terms before taking part in any Promotions. In the case of any discrepancy between these General Promotion Terms and the Other Terms, these General Promotion Terms will prevail.

2.2 Capitalised words in these General Promotion Terms shall have the meanings set out in the Terms unless they are specifically defined in these General Promotion Terms.

2.3 These General Promotion Terms may be published in a number of languages for information purposes and for ease of your access. All versions will convey the same principles in different languages. Should there be any discrepancy between the terms in the English language version and the version in any other language, the English version will prevail.

3 Bonus funds and Free Bet Tokens

3.1 "Bonus" means any funds or equivalent which we have credited to your Account. A Bonus cannot be directly withdrawn or paid out and must be used for the placing of wagers on this Website. A Bonus may be convertible to real money in your Account (and available for withdrawal), subject to you fulfilling a specific set of terms and conditions within the Promotion.

3.2 "Free Bet Token" means a Bonus that you may use to place a wager on selected events. Free Bet Token stakes are not included in any return of winnings and their use is subject to certain additional restrictions which will be set out in the Promotion-specific terms.

4 Qualifying bets

4.1 Bets placed using real money deposits may be required to meet certain conditions to count towards the award of a Bonus ("Qualifying Bet"). For example, you may be required to place a bet at odds of 4/5 (1.80) or higher in order for it to count as a Qualifying Bet. Any conditions applicable to a Qualifying Bet will be set out in the Promotion-specific terms.

5 Wagering requirements

5.1 Promotions may be subject to a wagering (or turnover) requirement. A wagering requirement means the number of times you must wager the value of a real money deposit before a Bonus is awarded to you (“Wagering Requirement”).

5.2 If you forfeit the Bonus (e.g. where you elect to withdraw from the Promotion before completing the Wagering Requirement in order to access real money funds), all Bonus funds will be removed. This does not prevent you from withdrawing your own real money deposits and winnings held in your Account. Please see Section 16.5 of the Terms for the details of withdrawable funds.

6 Account restrictions

6.1 Subject to Section 7 of these General Promotion Terms, Promotions can only be claimed once per Account which shall mean no more than one Bonus or Free Bet Token (as applicable) per user, IP address, computer device, family, residential address, telephone number, credit or debit card and/or e-payment account, e-mail address, and environments where computers are shared (university, fraternity, school, public library, workplace, etc.).

6.2 Employees, officers and directors of BetBull, its corporate group or any of its associated companies shall not be eligible for Promotions.


6.3 BetBull offers a gamified betting experience throughout its services by enabling players to add extra     benefits to their bets by making use of the in-app currency called ''Diamonds''. Users are able to boost their odds, win free bets or gain insurances to their bets by using these Diamonds.

6.4 The in-app currency ''Diamonds'' is a representation of a virtual currency and it cannot be bought or sold in exchange for real money. BetBull reserves the right to revoke access to the ''Diamonds''.

6.5 BetBull reserves the right to make changes to the gamification bonus amounts and gamification bonus frequency.

6.6 BetBull reserves the right to withhold the bonus from gamification and to boosted bets made by one or more players where BetBull suspects that the player has abused the spirit of the gamification boost including, but not limited to, instances where Referees make an identical or very similar deposit and betting patterns.

Loyalty Programme

6.7 BetBull offers a reward programme for its loyal players. Any player who places bets consecutively within compliance of the rules on the Terms and Conditions will be automatically enrolled in this programme. The loyalty programme enables players to place bets with better odds.

6.8 BetBull reserves the right to make changes to the odd boost rates or halt the loyalty programme anytime.

6.9 BetBull reserves the right to withhold the earnings generated from loyalty programme related boosts where BetBull suspects that the player has abused the spirit of the gamification boost including, but not limited to, instances where Referees make an identical or very similar deposit and betting patterns.

Leader boards

6.10 BetBull offers leader boards to display and promote the highest performing members of the community. You can always opt-out from being displayed in the leader board from your account settings.

6.11 The top 10 people on a Leader board are called ‘’Bulls’’. Being a Bull on BetBull provides additional rewards such as boosted odds and more publicity to your profile. A player must protect his/her rank on the leader board in order to keep his/her ‘’Bull’’ status. Users who lose their ranking will see the ‘’Bull’’ benefits revoked.

6.12 BetBull reserves the right to make changes to the leader boards and Bull rewards or halt the loyalty programme at any time.

6.13 The leader boards and players' social profiles are indicative of relative success of players' betting activity and do not represent the full betting history. Players placing bets based on the leader board ranking are doing so in their sole discretion and at their own responsibility. BetBull will not be liable for any bets lost resulting from placement of bets based on the leader board ranking.

7 "Refer a Friend" Promotions

7.1 For “Refer a Friend” Promotions, an Account Holder can benefit from more than one Bonus or Free Bet Token (as applicable) per Promotion and/or per month, subject to the terms in the specific “Refer a Friend” Promotion.

7.2 Referrers are not permitted to refer a member of their family nor friends or colleagues from the same household or with whom they share a credit or debit card or e-payment account, IP address and/or computer device.

8 Expiry

Bonuses and Free Bet Tokens will expire fourteen (14) days from the date of receipt, unless otherwise stated in the Promotion.

9 Bonus Abuse

9.1 Forfeit the Bonus allocated to the Account Holder and any winnings from that Bonus; and/or

9.2 Exclude the Account Holder from any future Promotions; and/or

9.3 Close the Account Holder’s account in accordance with Section 19 of the Terms.

10 Amendments and Errors

10.1 We may reclaim any Bonus or Free Bet Token that has been awarded in error.

10.2 We may make amendments to a Promotion to correct typographical errors or to improve understanding and we reserve the right to amend or terminate a Promotion if required to do so for legal and/or regulatory reasons.