How do I open an account with

You will see the “JOIN HERE” button on the bottom of the screen on the website, on desktop or on your mobile device. Follow the simple registration steps and you can start betting on your Betbull account today!


I have forgotten my username or password.

Please contact our live support or email to gain access to your account. Alternatively, you can use “Forgot Password“ feature that you can find underneath the ‘Sign in’ section.




Age and Verification Policy

You must be 18 years of age or older to play at Betbull. Underage gambling is illegal.

As a regulated operator we are required to carry out age verification checks as well as other checks to prevent fraud and identity theft.

This means that all BetBull customers need to participate in a verification process that starts after registration. Your account may also be checked periodically throughout its lifetime to ensure the data we hold is accurate and up to date.

In most cases the checks are fully automated, but in some circumstances we may require additional information.

If our automated tool is unable to verify your age and identity, you will be required to provide documentation to verify your age and identity. Until this documentation has been received, your account may be suspended and you will not be able to deposit.


 How can I verify my account?

You may upload information via our secure app tools or send them via email to our dedicated support team at

In addition to the initial registration you may be asked to provide further documentation. This is usually based on factors such as the amount deposited in your account. Please see our source of funds policy for more information.

For more information on verification checks please see our Terms and Conditions.


I was asked to provide documents but my account is verified, why?

Please note that BetBull has to comply with various regulatory requirements in order to be fully compliant with UK laws and regulations. We try to ensure that your gambling goes smoothly and is uninterrupted, however, we may request additional documents to complete your account verification at any point of your account lifetime. Please get in touch with our live support or by contacting via email at in order to find our more about what was the reason for the request if it was not yet provided.


 What kind of documents can I verify with?

Depending on the nature of the checks we need to complete, different types of documents will be required. These include, but are not limited to:

      Valid photocard driving license (matching address)

      Valid passport (photo page only)

      Valid ID card (front and back)

      Bank/Savings account Statement (issued in the last 3 months)

      Issue letter from a credit/debit or pre-paid card (issued in the last 3 months)

      Utility bill – i.e. mobile phone, water, gas, electric (issued in the last 3 months)

      Council Tax bill (issued in the current tax year)

      HMRC tax notification (issued in the last 12 months)

      Tenancy Agreement (issued in the last 12 months)

      Mortgage or home loan statement

      Car, home, mobile phone insurance certificate (issued in the last 12 months)

      Formal University acceptance or admissions letter (issued in the last 12 months)

      Catalogue statement (issued in the last 3 months)

      Contract of employment or payslip with visible address (issued within the last 3 months)

      Marriage certificate

      Enrolled deed poll certificate


Please note that Provisional Driving License is not an applicable form of ID, credit card statement or mobile phone utility bill are not suitable as a proof of residence. 


Why was my verification rejected?

 There might have been something wrong with the documentation you provided us with. Please have no worries, our 24/7 Customer Support can explain you anything if you get in touch with them via live chat or email




Why do you need to check the source of my funds?

This is a standard check carried out by all gambling operators to confirm the funds you have used are legitimate and that you can afford to gamble.  As an operator that is licensed and regulated by the GB Gambling Commission, we are obliged to make sure that the source of the funds each customer uses to play with us is legitimate. As a result, when certain thresholds are reached it may become necessary to ask you to provide evidence to confirm your source(s) of income.


What documents should I send?

Depending on the type of checks we need to complete, different types of documents are accepted. These include, but are not limited to:

      Bank statements showing salary or other income within the last 3 months;            

      Most recent payslips for the last 3 months;

      Proof of ownership of stock, business, shares or investments such as dividend statements;

      Dated letter from a solicitor confirming the will/inheritance;

      Self-employed income within the last 3 months including invoices;

      Most recent tax-return;

      Dated letter from a solicitor confirming sale of assets (home/business);

      Dated proof of significant winnings from casinos or other sources;

      Rental contracts (confirming rental income).


How will you use this information?

All information provided will be treated with strict confidence in accordance with current Data Protection principles and our Privacy Policy. The information you provide will be used by us only, to establish that the money you use to play comes from legitimate sources, such that we can abide by our licensing requirements and legal obligations.


What happens if I don't provide source of my funds?

Unfortunately, if we do not receive evidence to support your gameplay, we will be unable to accept any further business from you and your account will be suspended until the requested documentation is received and verified.

For more information on verification checks please see our Terms and Conditions or contact our Customer Support Team.




What payment methods can I use?

We accept a number of payment methods including Visa, Mastercard. You can see the full list under the cashier section.


 What is the minimum deposit amount?

 The minimum deposit amount is £5 or currency equivalent.


Are there any fees for deposit and withdrawal?

Deposits and withdrawals are free but eWallets or banks may charge depending on method. Please check with your eWallet or bank provider for any deposit/withdrawal fees before making a deposit to Betbull.


How long does it take for a deposit to be shown on my account?

 Normally your deposit should appear on your account immediately. In case your deposit did not hit your balance, please get in touch with our live support or send us an email to:


How long does a withdrawal take?

 Mostly this is done within 2 to 5 working days. Please note that “paid“ status for withdrawal means that funds were accepted by your bank and at this stage transaction processing is solely their responsibility. 




 What is the minimum bet?

The minimum bet is £0.10p of currency equivalent.


What is the maximum bet?

This differs from sports and events. You will be able to see the maximum stake allowed on the betting slip.


What are the maximum winnings?

The maximum winnings differ from sports and can be seen in the terms and conditions.




Responsible Gambling Policy


Betbull is committed to providing you a safe environment to play. To learn more please see our Responsible Gambling Policy.


Complaints Procedure

BetBull is committed to providing a high-quality experience and great service to customers and Betbull community. However, we are aware that there are occasions where we may not have been able to meet your expectations, and in doing so, we want to hear from you as soon as possible so we may resolve your concern quickly and fairly.

Our Customer Service team is highly trained to resolve any queries in order to provide a satisfactory outcome. On the rare occasions where this is not possible, you can request for your complaint to be escalated to a senior team member, who will independently review and seek resolution to your complaint. All complaints are taken seriously, investigated thoroughly and handled in a confidential manner.


How to make a complaint

Should you wish to raise a complaint, you can do so via live chat or by email to


What to Provide

In order to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible it is important that you provide us with as much information as you can, including:

      Your name

      Your username

      The full details of your complaint


What we will do

If your complaint has been sent via email, within 24 hours of the submission you will receive an acknowledgment with an estimated time of resolution to your query.

Your case will be assigned to an individual agent of Betbull’s Customer Service team to assess and resolve.

If you are not satisfied with our response, you can request an escalation which will be overseen by a member of our Customer Service Management team. This should be viewed as Betbull’s final response. The process shall be concluded within 8 weeks. Should this not be possible we will explain why and provide a date by which you can expect a full response.


If you are not in agreement with our final response you can refer your complaint to the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS) by email to: 

Or by post to:

Independent Betting Adjudication Service LTD

PO BOX 62639

London EC3P 3AS


I want to close my account.

Please contact our live Customer Support or send us an email at: